SmartPhones = Communication & Organization

Smartphones change how you do business.  Make them increase your bottom line – there are at least 4 major business functions that Smartphones can streamline.  Here are the first two!


  • Surprisingly enough, a Smartphone still drags along the 19th century capability of holding a conversation with someone else who is somewhere else.
  • Email is one of the heavy hitters on Smartphones, configuration is relatively pain-free.  Just ask a teenager.  Mostly I use this to respond to what is both Urgent AND Important, leave the rest for your regular computer.
  • Text and Chat enjoy a somewhat blurry co-existence but both allow discreet and immediate communication.
  • Many Smartphones come with the ability to translate voice into text so you needn’t have such nimble fingers.
  • Hey, the Internet is right there.  Research anything at the tip of a finger.  No need to pull out a bulky laptop.
  • Back to eMail for a sec.  We assume you have a “question” section on your website.  Potential customers assume there’s a person in your company just waiting to respond to a question.  Have those sent to your phone and you can present a much more “big company” image by answering quickly.


  • Your calendar is right there, and the Smartphone is reminding you of what’s next.
  • Your contacts are right there, email and phone.
  • Document managing apps let you take important spreadsheets, presentations and contracts, invoices and work orders “to go”.  And they can often be printed in the field or onsite.
  • You can even take signatures right on your phone.
  • Dictate notes to your Smartphone, record spontaneous totally awesome ideas so they don’t fade away as the next shiny object grabs your attention.

More to follow this week!

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