Project Glass – what *is* it?

Just a short while ago, Google unveiled a long-rumored concept call “Project Glass”. This technology allows companies to put the functionality of a smart phone into eyeglasses, and someday even contact lenses! The idea is that there would be an overlay, that only the wearer could see, which would scan the surrounding area in real time, pick out products, places, and people, and display information about these items.

Think of it – you could be walking down the street wearing your glasses, in which you would have an integrated heads-up display showing you restaurant names, coupons for stores in the area, and even Facebook profiles of people you just met. This technology is still in the early phases, but Google engineers are testing the technology outside of the lab.  (Keep an eye out for the guy wearing glasses, talking to himself…)

The device could be stand-alone, or an add-on to your smartphone. Either way, this is pretty neat technology.

The future is here!

Happy computing!

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