New Technology Passing You By? Shoreview, MN

Is technology really passing you by?

 There’s a lot of new stuff out there.  SmartGlass, Cloud, iPhone, Windows 8, etc.  Do you really need to have all that?

 We say no.  Not in the business world.  The frenetic pace at which technology advances is not a plus for the stability necessary to successfully run a business.   As opposed to the cutting edge, we call that the bleeding edge.

Please do not mistake this for angst against change or moving forward.  But a business needs to evaluate methodically the new advances in technology.  Else resources and energy can be diffused in the onslaught of the latest greatest thing.  No need to explain why that’s bad.

 But that’s why we’re here.  We’re your advocate, your champion!  Let us help you be well advised to what helps and what is a distraction.  Our goal is your increased bottom line.

 Happy computing!

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