Make Windows 8 look like Windows 7

Since Windows 8 is being pushed over much of the retail and online offerings, a new market has arisen and developers have rushed to fill the void.  That being a way to make Windows 8 look and feel more like Windows 7.

Enter Start8 by Stardock, and there are some others.

Basically what it does is get rid of the cellphone-like main screen of Windows 8 and give you back the Start Menu you’ve known for a decade or more.

At $4.99 it’ll pay for itself in about 5-10 minutes of your wasted time.  You can then explore the new features at your leisure and avoid the frustration when you’re trying to get business done.

Windows 8 does have some nice performance enhancements and it’s a move into the future of computing (along with the introduction of solid state drives), but for small and medium businesses, that a topic for a later time.

Happy computing!

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