Is the PC dead??

There is an old adage in the geek world – never buy the first version of anything.  The Consumer Electronics Show just happened and they declared the PC dead – - ->  cell phones, tablets, and The Cloud are the “new wave”.  We just want to caution business people that the consumer market moves much more quickly (and is more fickle) than the business crowd.  It’s easy to jump at the latest shiny object if your bottom line isn’t a concern.

We recommend waiting until Quarter 4, 2011, to seriously consider adopting any mobility platforms into your technology plan.  Of course you don’t want to wait too long and get behind the curve but the technology isn’t quite ready yet.  We’ll talk in October.

 As always, we think of people and holistic business performance before technology.  How will the upcoming gadgets improve your work flow, your business process, your bottom line?

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