iPads, Tablets and now Ultrabooks – oh my!

iPads and Tablets have ruled the technosphere for the last year.

Now laptops are striking back. Yes, the MacBook Air has been around awhile, but now the PC world is catching up. Laptops less than an inch in height, superlight, superfast, and with long battery life.

One of the main complaints against iPads and Tablets has been lack of a real keyboard. Something currently needed to really get things done, that onscreen touch keyboard is just too slow. The new lines of Ultrabooks in the PC world have answered the challenge and voila! A laptop that is highly portable, instant on, and doesn’t sacrifice power for lightness and use-ability.

The only hitch is in storage capacity. To achieve lightness and speed, these Ultrabooks use flash memory to store your data. Pictures, documents, music, etc.  Very similar to that USB flash drive or iPod that you may already own. The technology currently is size/price-limited to a portion of what a normal hard drive can hold. This will change. And it’s already there for most business uses since music and pictures aren’t the predominant data needing to be stored. We should also mention that the DVD drive might be going the way of the dinosaur, Ultrabooks (and the iPad, Tablets) usually don’t come with one.

So Ultrabooks are worth a look, by mid-summer or early fall it’ll be the go-to choice for many business users.

Happy Computing!

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