Gamification – get your game on!

There is a new phrase in the world, and it’s called ‘gamification’!

It is the idea that everyday activities, from recycling to work, can have game mechanics applied and thus create more productivity at home at in the workplace. Websites have been using this technique for a while, and it is just now starting to creep into the workplace and home.

For example,  think of a human resources application, where the user earns points for each training document read or video watched. Then, these points could be used to rank the person amongst their peers, purchase office supplies, or whatever else.

On the web, sites are using this technique to get more users to fill out surveys, gather personal information, etc. The key is to keep the users/worker interested, and to make people feel likely they are earning something for everyday tasks. This is the same reason why games like Farmville are so wildly popular – because you are earning points and gaining levels, and with that you can show off to your friends.

We can definitely see it becoming more and more popular in the age of Facebook, smart phones, and eventually virtual reality (VR) glasses!

Happy computing – and earn those points!!

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