Evernote and Dropbox

Ever been somewhere and wished you had that doc or that note with you so you could refer to it?

Here are two apps that might make that a reality:  Evernote and Dropbox.

Evernote has a goal to help the world remember everything.  To communicate and get things done.  It’s an app that acts like your trusted notepad to keep thoughts, action items, inspirations right at your fingertips.  It works across computers, phones, and just about everything else mobile.  And it’s free.

Dropbox is a space, in the cloud (internet) for you to put docs, pictures, videos, just about anything you want, that you can access from anywhere.  It’s free for the first 2 gigabytes.  It also extends to businesses that need more space at a reasonable price.  If you need that proposal that you worked up on your desktop you can grab it on another computer, a laptop, or your mobile phone or tablet.  You can take the office with you.

The paradigms of communication and information technology is changing rapidly, these two are proven assets.

So!  Ready, set, synchronize!

Happy computing!

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