Egypt Uprising and Technology

These are interesting times for us in the computer biz.

 Take the uprising in Egypt, how has that been changed by technology?

 Yes there have been stones thrown and vehicles burned but that’s not the sole conduit of modern day protest anymore.

 Primarily the protesters have been using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  That’s to communicate with organizers.  To disseminate information to more of the masses they’ve been using text messages.  Sympathizers within the un-organization called “Anonymous” launched hack attacks again Egyptian government websites, essentially shutting them down.

 And we’re seeing it all play out via live internet feeds.

 What can we learn from this? 

 One thing. 

 Businesses that adopt and adapt to new technologies hold an advantage.  While still the most important rule is to delight a customer with your product or service, the other rules of the game are changing fast and we’d best keep up.

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