Deals on Computers!

How to buy ‘tech-savy’ this holiday season.

Just to get this out of the way, if your company needs a network, server, and multiple workstations you absolutely will benefit from professional guidance like that offered by Computer Wrangler.

That being said, for this season of shopping, if you like to shoot from the hip or do-it-yourself in a company under 3-5 computers, or are an independent with no co-workers, we’d like to share with you a couple resources to find the best computer tech deals in this holiday season.  Bear in mind that individual companies have a vested interest in having you shop within their sandbox.  That’s why we like, in the number one spot:

This site keeps track of best deals from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba and Apple.  They’ve recently expanded into bargain hunting for Cell Phones and Cameras.  Prices change at least weekly so it’s a site to keep your eye on.

And want to get a glimpse into the future to see if your tech purchase makes sense right now?  Check out:

They cover computers, tablets, TVs, cameras, and cell phones.

And for the ever-growing mobile tech users out there, you must get at least one or two of the following apps that allow you to price shop on the fly:  Amazon Price Check, Google Shopper, ShopSavvy, RedLaser, PriceGrabber, Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper.  It’s a battle zone out there, come armed.

Happy Holidays, Happy Shopping and Happy Computing!!

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