Cloud Computing

You may have heard it just in passing or seen it acclaimed as the next step forward for technology – Cloud Computing.

What is cloud computing?   You can think of it like this:  Your data (like pictures, letters, email, music) isn’t actually located on the computer right in front of you but rather “out there” on the internet.  This can also apply to your applications like a word processor, spreadsheet, calendar, etc.

Right now many computer users are using a hybrid of local and cloud computing.  Got all your docs in your “Documents” folder?  Pictures in your “Pictures” folder?   That’s local.   Post any pictures or wall updates to Facebook, Linked In, Webmail?  That’s cloud.

Is cloud computing good or bad?  Yes and yes.  Current advantages are that you can access the same pictures, documents, mail, etc.  from any computer.  In theory, your data is always backed up and safe.  Disadvantages are that if you have a slow or no internet connection, you’ve got nothing.  If security is breached or your password is stolen, data can be easily made to disappear.  Some people might have an issue with that.

Cloud computing for the masses is still relatively young so keep an eye out for it becoming better in the future.

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