Buying a New Computer – Where do you start?

 Needs some advice on what to look for in a computer?  Here are the specs for what computers you should be buying for your business.  

 There are three things to pay attention to:

  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Video Card

 Processors are divided into three categories, Intel has made it simple: i3, i5, i7.  Always buy at least the i5.  If you’re a serious multi-tasker or graphics person, go with the i7.  You can have half a dozen programs open and it won’t slow you down.

 Minimum RAM (memory) is 4GB.  If you want to get technical, make sure you can upgrade to at least 16GB later.

 It is always recommended to buy a “dedicated” or “discreet” video card.  The label should give you a clue.  This adds to performance since it’s not sucking power away from the main processor.

 The rest?  Bells and whistles. 

 That’s it.  If you’d like more detailed advice, just call us, we’re here to help!

 Happy Computing!

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