Bing Facebook Partnership – Good or Bad?

You may have heard of the search engine Bing partnering with the social networking site Facebook.  

The core of the idea is that your search results in Bing will be rated against the “Likes” and “Friends” of your Facebook Friends.  So if someone searches for awesome Thai cuisine, Bing will check Facebook to see if any of your Friends have Liked a Thai restaurant.  Or if you’re trying to find an old friend and search on “Mary Smith”, Bing will check Facebook connections to rank Mary Smiths higher that have a connection to one of your Friends. 

Yes, this is frightening on many levels.   But what does this mean for your business ?

Most small businesses have been told they need to have a Facebook page and get as many people as possible to Like it.  Now you know why.  The social engineering aspect is that many buying decisions are made upon the referral of a friend or associate.  So in essence, Bing and Facebook are automating Word Of Mouth advertising, the holy grail of any marketing plan.

Computer Wrangler provides network and computer services to small businesses in the North Metro area.  We also help our clients keep up with the technology of tomorrow.

Happy Computing!

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