How many of you are 100% certain that those important files and pictures are backed up and safe in the off chance that you have a laptop that all of a sudden bursts into flame and smoke in the middle of a presentation (… don’t laugh! I happened last week to a client!)

Backups are important!

3 Fundamental Rules:

  • Unless your data is in three places, it’s not really backed up.
  • Unless your backup is routinely tested, it’s not really backed up.
  • Never, EVER rely solely on a backup routine that requires human intervention.

Our recommendation to you is to choose either a flash drive or external hard drive for immediate backup.  Then also choose online backup or a Disaster Recovery Device (i.e. a second server or computer) plus online backup for your second backup.  Finally you should regularly test your backups to make 100% certain you’re protected.

Keep those files safe, friend!

Happy computing!

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