Backup Internet Connection – do you need it?

Maybe the better question is:  “How much does it cost your company to be disconnected from the internet per hour?”

In today’s world, the internet has become as important, if not more important, than the telephone.  Many offices might as well send their people home if the internet goes down.  Some offices even have their phone service running across their internet lines.  So what happens when your internet connection gets cut by a utility crew digging on the other side of town?  A wind or lightning strike somewhere nearby?

For companies reliant on the internet for business continuity, we recommend having a redundant internet connection.  In plain terms, one from the phone company and one from the cable company.  Alternates include local wireless and satellite providers and as a last resort using mobile phone carriers and modem connections.  It could mean the difference between a day in the red and a day in the black.

Setup is not excessively difficult, the main consideration is cost.  But at $50-100 per month, again the question is how much does it cost your company to be down?.  If you can be down for say two days per year at under $600-1200 in lost revenue and staff costs, don’t worry about it.  If not, time to put a redundant internet connection in place.

Happy Computing!

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