Back ups – Are you sure yours is 100% effective?

At least 2 or 3 times each month we encounter clients who have been religiously following their backup routine.  But….

They put in todays tape, take yesterdays tape home or somewhere offsite.  Perhaps they back up onto a flash drive or external hard drive.  Or they’ve subscribed to one of the inexpensive online backup providers who back up everyday.  (Note:  we love online backup.)

The only problem is,  it’s not backing up what needs to be backed up.

Too many times a business will believe they’re doing what they’re supposed to in order to safeguard their information in case of a crash or natural disaster.  Too many times it’s not actually doing what it’s supposed to.   Or it’s insufficient for the requirements of their industry.

Example:  Did you know that Accounting and Bookkeeping firms must maintain their online backup within the United States?  The data cannot exist beyond our borders, even if encrypted.

This week, Computer Wrangler is seeking small businesses who aren’t absolutely, positively, without doubt, 100% certain their backups are effective.  This cuts across all industries from pest control services to insurance agents.

We’re offering for the next two weeks an audit of backups with grades from A to F.  And, we’ll provide you or your referral with the exact steps to take to make certain the backups are legit and safe.  Cost:  $129.

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