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We Save Your Yooey!

  • A Yooey stands for User Environment – what you see on your monitor when you sit down.
  • We specialize in preserving your personal “Yooey!”

Buying a new computer? We can restore everything as it was on your old computer and desktop. You will have no loss of work time for you or your staff!

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Computer Network Support

If your business has several computers at one location or many computers at multiple locations, we can integrate your local and wide area networks into a centrally controlled network. Contact Computer Wrangler today for your computer network needs.


Data Back-up and Recovery

  • 60% of corporate data resides unprotected in laptops and PC desktops.
  • 90% of businesses that experience complete or major data loss are out of business within two years.

Get your data back today with Computer Wrangler’s Data Recovery, and protect yourself with a Data Back-up plan!